In the beginning…

“Blog shmog.” That is what I always say. But in the best interests of my friends and family (you all), I have decided to give in and create this blog to describe my time in Haiti and beyond. I hope to use this site as a place to give details, process my thoughts and generally keep everyone informed about my physical and mental state while I am away; scary thought I know. It may be too much or too little – that will be up to you to decide. As an alternative, I could always write 20 page e-mails to everyone I love…

For those unaware of my plans, I am currently 46 days away from departure to Haiti, where I will be spending anywhere between 2-4 months trying my best to surrender myself to God’s will. I will be working with an amazing couple, Bruce and Deb Robinson, whom I have heard nothing but praise about, in northwestern Haiti. I’m still pretty in the dark about site specifics. Bruce has been working in the area for years trying to restore the natural water cycle to enable the people to have access to clean water, irrigation and suitable farmlands. Its exciting to think that I will be uniting my passion for people and other cultures with my knowledge as a civil engineer to assist. More than this, though, I think it’s even more exciting to think about how God is going to surprise me during this time, and how much I might learn in such an unfamiliar environment.

This is all still a bit of a pipe dream, though, since I still have graduation looming less than a month away (ahh!). I hope that I am able to balance my ridiculously busy schedule with the time to close out my time at college, spend time with my friends/roommates and simply enjoy Seattle while I still can. Alright. That’s all for now!

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