Welcome to HAITI! And Happy Birthday America!

Bonjour tout moun!!

Hey everyone. Here is my official first post from Haiti! Our internet situation is not the greatest, so I will (unfortunately) not be able to write a novel. Sorry, but I’ll write one later hopefully.

Let me first say that last night the sound of freedom rang through the countryside of Northern Haiti as seven white American boys sang their hearts out to honor our blessed nation. God bless her. The songs were warmed with a spider which we lit on fire with hand sanitizer. The closest thing we could find to fireworks, justice, freedom and love on such a day.

All in all, Haiti is going well. It has been tough adjusting from American life in Seattle and my recent trip to Hawaii; the toughest of all being the language barrier. I suddenly remember what it was like being in Mexico as a high schooler, not really knowing how to speak Spanish – essentially being satisfied with “What is your name”, “soccer” and “very good”. This has honestly been a big frustration since my travels abroad have usually put me in a place where the barriers don’t usually include dialect. I feel like this is greatly affecting my experience and especially my expectations, since personal interactions are so important to me. I have been refined to being the “quiet one who doesn’t know how to say anything” with the older kids and adults. Luckily children care less about talking, so I have been trying to reconcile the lack of language skills with this fact. That said, my Creole is coming along, and each day I know a bit more. I hope that by the end of this trip I will at least be able to understand people and respond in some fashion. We will see.

I am also staying with 6 other young guys, ages 15 to 23. Three are part of the UPC deputation team, and the others are randoms from different parts of the country. All of them are awesome, and I definitely enjoy the variety, humor and ridiculousness they bring to the experience. I will write more about them later.

We’ve also jumped right into the engineering work – my first day here we went and surveyed for an irrigation system that would help 700+ families have food, money and essentially livelihood.

I want to write more but the guys all want to do 8-Minute ABS RIGHT NOW!! So I must depart. Know that I live you all, I think of you all a lot and I appreciate your prayers.

In Christ,

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4 Responses to Welcome to HAITI! And Happy Birthday America!

  1. Anne says:

    Joshua I am SO proud of you! Not only for taking on this amazing and challenging opportunity, but for also writing about it in less than 20pgs!! Yes, I realize this may not be your normal writing style, so much left out and all….what you ate, how long you napped, where you walked, jokes you made, puns no one thought were funny, etc, etc. But, I loved reading your blog and look forward to following you in your adventures in Haiti! You’re light shines brighter than you know, and your passion is an inspiration to everyone. Keep up the awesomeness and write soon!

    Much love,

  2. Zuzin Kathy says:

    I’m so glad you have this blog, it is amazing for your friends and family’s peace of mind and will be a true treasure to you once you return for years to come. I remember when Matthew was part of a mission trip to Cambodia a few years ago, the stories and pictures brought a whole new world to us. The doors that God opened for ministry, the sharing of cultures and everything else that comes with travel … an opportunity much appreciated by us all. I will look forward to reading about your journey and continue to keep you lifted up in prayer to our Lord and Savior. Thank you for your service Josh … you’re awesome!
    Love from Hemet

  3. rileymorgan says:

    awww, I live you too. but really, I do. seattle feels remarkably empty without you, I’ve shed a few tears over the matter.

  4. MVMOM says:

    It was good to see pictures of you hauling concrete on the UPC deputation blog! I am sure you had a great time at the conference too. Looking forward to hearing more about it. Miss you and love you, Mom

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