Malaria Shmalaria

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it turns out I have Malaria. But don’t fret, because I think this whole Malaria business is just a hoax. Sure I had a 104.4 degree temperature for the last 2 days, the chills, a severe headache and no appetite. But honestly, I expected it to be much worse. Not sure what all the hype is about. I already feel much better, though I hear Malaria acts in cycles, so it may come back again tomorrow or the next day. So all in all, it definitely sucked but its kind of cool to say that I had Malaria. Makes the trip seem a lot more intense.

In other news, our time here in Gonaives is coming to an end. We will be taking the long way home tomorrow due to some rains from the outskirts of a tropical storm which is currently pounding the Bahamas. But if we get back in time we will be able to go to the beach, which should be amazing. The place is called Baie de Mustique, and is a beautiful cove with incredible water clarity. The other guys have been raving about it, since they already all went there.

Having Malaria pretty much killed our ability to explore and have anything else interesting to say, so that is all for now. Thanks for your prayers, I truly appreciate it and I’m pretty sure I would not feel as well as I do now without them.


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