Home, again

Hello! This will be a quickie, because I don’t have much time. I just got back from visiting the states and wanted to share a few quick details, thoughts and emotions in reflection.

I was able to visit Seattle, attend two weddings, see the whole family, most of my friends and my girlfriend in a quick trip. Afterward, I traveled to the Bay Area to visit my girlfriend Jessica at her job in Berkeley, CA. She works as a university ministry intern for First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley. She loves it.

I feel rejuvenated and refreshed from my time at home, and am very thankful to God for my family, friends and girlfriend that are such a blessing to my life. I was encouraged by them and reminded of the importance of their presence in my life; especially Jessica’s.

I got to see Jess for the first time in nearly 9 months and while we seem to be doing pretty well at the long-distance stuff, I was reminded that it is not a walk in the park, and that it’s impossible for there not to be a degree of pain and hurt between us as long as we are apart. It was a true blessing meeting the new key people in her life and she is very lucky to be surrounded by people that know how to take care of her and push her to grow as a person and minister to Christ. It was hard to say goodbye but it was a bit easier knowing that we will probably see each other again by the time July comes around.

I’m back and excited to get into the swing of projects and business here in the DR once again. I’ll keep you posted on project stuff and I thank you all for the thoughts and prayers, as always!


PS Here are photos from my visit to the Bay Area. Photos are from San Fran, Berkeley, Santa Cruz and Capitola. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10101030259558488.2947711.10716701&type=1&l=e26a9b3240

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  1. Josh,

    I found this in the Peace Corps journal database … it’s really refreshing to find some really great things. 1. A current PCV in the Dominican Republic. 2. A current PCV in the Dominican Republic in a long distance relationship. and 3. Some really great shots of the Bay Area.

    My boyfriend left for the Dominican a little over two weeks ago. He’s currently at his site visit! While we’re doing great with the long distance, it certainly is no walk in the park. I’m glad to see you and your girlfriend doing so well. Cheers to you both! Oh, and about the Bay Area … we plan to relocate there some time after he returns. But all in due time – the pictures are a nice reminder of why I love that corner of the world.


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