Being in a hospital is weird. It’s like the best AND worst all-inclusive. I mean what kind of all-inclusive hotel has people that come and make sure you feel OK. That’s makes you feel nice. They even pump stuff into you to make you feel good. Most hotels would not do that for me… Unfortunately the fact that it is essentially a jail where the only law you broke was a bone makes it fairly awful. All the service and none of the beach or friends or daylight… Yeah, I couldn’t figure out how to open my blinds.

Anyway, I pretty much look like scarface meets the terminator in the chin area. And I apparently have a hole in my skull… kind of.

So I fell off a bicycle and smashed my face into a large rock. Whoops. Reminds me of when I was a kid and I tried to go down a hill near our house with my eyes closed and nailed a big rock. 2 for 2. I’m fine though, and the hole in my skull is some sort of minor fracture that should heal itself in no time. A few stitches and a couple of weeks will heal me up just fine.

Being in the hospital is pretty sucky tough. Being cooped up in a room isn’t really my style, and all this alone time is driving me crazy. If it weren’t for the Olympics being on TV, I’d have probably already run off without permission. I’ve had lots of time to think – which I also don’t appreciate – and have been wishing my family and friends were here with me. And I am very thankful to God that a few scrapes are all I have to show for this.

Six (ish) days in the capital and 1.5 days in the hospital aren’t all bad, but there is always work to be done back in my community, Las Barreras. We officially have 3 bathrooms ready for the tin housing to be built and another 5 ready for the concrete floor to be poured. Enough materials recently showed up to build an additional 24 latrines too! Don’t worry, pictures to come. The good news is I really don’t need to be there for these bathrooms to be built. I have two masons doing all the material coordination, money collection and construction work, so hopefully they will all be done by the time I get back there ;). The Peace Corps motto is training nationals to be service providers, so I suppose I’m just doing my job by being here in Santo Domingo.

That’s all for now. But please pray for my health, for the latrine project, for motivation of the families in my community and that all the bureaucracy gets resolved concerning the money for the water system. Thank you all for your prayers and your thoughts.


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