Latrine Project Pics

Pictures from the latrine work!! I tried to explain the process in the photos, but let me give a more in depth look at the community involvement and project program.


The “Proyecto de Letrinizacion las Barreras” is supported and funded by 5 organizations:
1. Maple Valley Presbyterian Church and friends. $1800-ish. Maple Valley, WA. They got the ball rolling and gave us hope for the project.
2. Project Las Americas. $4000+. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. This organization matched all other raised funds plus some to make this thing happen.
3. World Vision, Jimani. $1000. They jumped on board when we realized we were going to be short cash to finish the project. But even better, they are now helping to form a group of health promoters in the community to educated families about child nutrition, latrine use and local illnesses.
4. City Hall Los Rios de Neyba. Los Rios, Bahoruco, Dominican Republic. They are providing free transportation of all the materials to Las Barreras. This is no easy task folks, especially since the road has 4000 ft elevation gain, is filled with pot holes and is largely unpaved.
5. Association of Agriculture and Community, Las Barreras. This is the local organization in Las Barreras. This group includes all the homeowners who are responsible for all the manual labor and spreading the word.

Community Responsibilities

Each homeowner that wants a latrine must also contribute an arm and a leg:
– $12
– Dig the hole (up to 5 meters deep in some homes)
– Carry materials to the home. This includes digging for sand 2 miles away and carry it home on the back of horses
– Help build the latrine: mix concrete, cut sticks, look for rocks, etc
– Build their own enclosure. Look for wood and nail together the provided tin sheeting
– Attend meetings. Meetings about health, latrine use and the project in general!

When they do all these things we pay a mason to come help them build and give them all the necessary materials! I hope that helps you to understand the project better.

Latrine Count UPDATE as of October 5, 2012:

Holes dug: 50
Base/Support structure: 40
Latrine plate / toilet: 30
Latrine housing: 6

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3 Responses to Latrine Project Pics

  1. Lora Kennedy says:

    Wow, a picture is worth a thousand words! Thanks for trying to explain this over the phone, but now I know what you were talking about. Keep up the good work! Love you, Mom

  2. Peter Albee says:

    I understand the hole (tho’ it doesn’t seem deep enough) but I don’t understand how thr whole (hole) thing works. You’ll have to draw me a picture when next you’re home.

    G’pa peter

    • Joshua Kennedy says:

      Well. The whole thing ends up being deeper but we dig it shallow first and reinforce it with mortar and rocks before diggng the whole hole deeper.

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